Frequently Asked Questions

How does Launch by Saltycustoms work?
Launch empowers both companies and individuals to sell t-shirts online with minimal costs, risk or hassle. We charge a Cost Price per t-shirt to manufacture – you set the Selling Price which determines the Profit. For example, if the Cost Price for a t-shirt is $20 and you choose to sell it for $40, the Profit is $20. The Profit will be shared between you and a Charity.
What does Launch help with?
Our goal is to make selling t-shirts easy, so you can so focus on what really matters – creating and promoting great designs your customers will love!

Here’s what we provide:

  • Campaign pages that make it easy for your customers to buy online
  • Order manufacturing and shipment directly to your customers
  • T-shirt design services (optional)
What do I need to start?
  • A design: Don’t have one? We offer design services!
  • A selling price: You know your customers best and how much you should sell to them for.
  • A duration for your Campaign: We will manufacture the t-shirts after this period ends. It is advisable to time this according to your upcoming event, product launch, marketing campaign, etc.
  • Don’t worry, our Campaign Manager will walk you through a simple Campaign setup.
What does it cost?
  • Minimum 10 t-shirts: Commit to selling at least 10 t-shirts. In the unlikely event that you sell less than that, you will have to buy the balance t-shirts. (i.e. If you sell only 3 t-shirts, you will have to buy the other 7 t-shirts.)
  • Development cost: It depends on what you need. Let’s talk!
  • Profit sharing: Do you have a strong brand? Start for free and profit share with us!
Product & Cost
Our t-shirts are 100% fully-combed cotton, manufactured in Malaysia.

We silkscreen all our t-shirts. The printable areas are indicated below:

Faq front
Maximum size: A3
Maximum colors: 5
Faq back
Maximum size: A3
Maximum colors: 5
Faq left right
Left or right sleeve
Maximum size: 3x3 inches
Maximum colors: 2

Our Rate Card is available upon request. Let’s talk!

Design Services (Optional)
  • Refer to “Form of Agreement for T-shirt Design Services”.
  • 100% upfront payment upon agreement
End of Campaign
When your Campaign ends, a report of t-shirts sold and profit earned will be sent to you. We will start manufacturing the t-shirts and processing your payout.
  • Your right to launch a Campaign: By launching a Campaign with Saltycustoms, you represent and warrant that you own or are the licensee of all trademark rights, copyrights, rights of publicity and other intellectual property or other proprietary rights necessary to create and conduct a Campaign, including any rights relating to the name, description, images, text or URL used for the Campaign.
  • Information sharing: We will share information we collect from your customers, only after their consent.

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